Courses & Qualifications

CareerNet provides educational support to bridge the gaps and help the improvement process by providing courses and qualifications programs and coaching across related areas of interest as determined by customers’ needs and learner’s requirements. In accordance with the focus on people’s activities and needs. These areas include delivering courses and approved high- quality qualifications with the support of international partners, conducting vocational training programs and designing training programs according to customers needs. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the services we implement, we conduct a quality check and evaluation exercises as mentioned in the below sections. Take a look at the courses and qualifications services we provide and see what it is like to study with CareerNet. This could be the beginning of a road that will change your entire life.


CareerNet offers lots of options to those who are looking for licensed qualifications to improve their leadership and management skills at every level, we provide our customers with a wide variety of programs including plenty of subjects to choose from, all of those courses range in difficulty and formality, they could be academic courses, vocational trainings or skills-related courses. They are perfect for those who want to make a progress in their jobs or those who need a qualification to get the job they are looking for. Our qualifications are formed to be educated anywhere to guarantee the accessibility of all attendees, at Home, workplace, or classroom or as a combination of any of those delivery methods. Qualifications programs are supported by most experienced and professional leaders of this sector in the world.


CareerNet seeks to provide fortification to the community strengths by conducting vocational training sessions of skills and knowledge for certain jobs in order to provide people with the necessary skills so they can be able to involve into the working life by providing them with knowledge and skills necessary to enter a profession or a job. We provide a suitable place to help people update their knowledge and skills or increase their capacities. We take into consideration the qualification standards as specified in occupational standards with high qualified trainers and facilitators. During vocational training or technical qualifications, we provide evaluating and coaching sessions to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the training, following up activities will be also conducted to improve the performance of the learners in the training sessions because quality is crucial to us, and we have to ensure that learners end up with a qualification that is proper and enables improvement in the selected sector.


We, at CareerNet, will do our best to provide a pleasant and friendly environment to ensure that our customer’s experience is extraordinary. Hence, we can design and develop training programs according to customers’ requirements. At the beginning of the project we will spend time with the customer to classify the goals they want to achieve and how it will be achieved, then our trainers can plan and prepare custom training programs to suit those needs. All our trainers have extensive knowledge about their field and can skilfully design and develop a training that covers the requirements and needs of all engaged parties. Throughout the project we continue the coordination with the customer by keeping channels of communication to measure the primary results against planned outcomes and evaluate the whole process to provide any recommendations if needed, we make sure that customer outcomes are delivered and goals are achieved as expected. CareerNet also offers Training The Trainers (TTT) programs to enable customers starting their own development process and deliver training programs or other similar solutions internally and to let those trainers get approved & qualified by international parties.