Education & Technology

CareerNet education and technology services are supported by the most professional and experienced associations in the field. We provide extensive education services and we offer boundless opportunities for scholars, starting from apprenticeships to higher education. Our goal is to assist individual stand out among their competitors and make sure that others recognize their skills and knowledge. whether they are studying to get certificates and degrees or vocational qualifications and licenses, CareerNet provides digital accreditation to enhance knowledge and careers of participants. To achieve such a goal, we do provide the latest available technologies regarding education and Online Learning services. We believe in technology-based education opportunities, and the use of its resources and other related technologies can raise productive education by increasing the rate of learning with moderate costs and better services.


Technology has become a part of our culture and daily life bases. It affects our life, business, and learning methods. However, for many educational institutions, implementing a management tool or a comprehensive system is a difficult goal to achieve, CareerNet’s role is to offer those institutions services in this field. The efficient Educational Management Information Systems (EMIS) provided by CareerNet is an academical service tool that helps produce, manage, and disseminate educational data and statistics, it is a storage to keep data, processes, analysis, and reports of educational information including schools, universities, and any other educational institutions. All education sector related companies widely use this kind of systems to pursue their research, plans, and evaluations. Our goal at CareerNet is to implement an educational management system that helps our costumers define indicators that will keep them updated with the performance of scholars or trainees. Hence, ease the management of educational resources distribution and allocation to get the best results in all levels.


Due to the fact that Learning Management System is one of the quintessential tools of Online Learning, through which all online courses and training modules are created, we believe that it is a certain demand to every education provider, the need for a modern and dependable Learning Management System that offers a unique learning experience and helps managing, registering, tracking, measuring and reporting all details of an educational course or training program. CareerNet helps customers reach that level of management control. We provide tailored Learning Management Systems that ease delivering, maintaining and tracking information according to customers own needs. We will deliver your management system functioning efficiently the way you prefer so you can get the most out of it by deploying it in the educational sector and having the satisfaction of designing and deploying Online Learning experiences. CareerNet offers a full technical and customer support the minute your Learning Management Service is launched.


Qualification Badges conferred by CareerNet are visual expressions that represent a performance in some field or endorse an accomplishment of an individual after completing an educational course or attending a training organized by CareerNet, as trainers, or as a second party that conducts training on behalf of other international partners. Badges usually represent a clearer image than a resume would, A badge is also easier to share on social media platforms. Therefore, it is preferable by people and widely used. As badges can be reviewed anywhere, showing a pleasant picture of a person’s accomplishments throughout their learning journey, CareerNet and other international organizations all over the world recognize and issue Qualification Badges. Qualification Badges we issue are approved by our international partners and related authorities for everyone to remark knowledge earned with our help. They allow you to chase your dreams and reach opportunities in life and business by standing out from the crowd.