Projects & Consulting

CareerNet Project and Consulting services are dedicated to building genuine cooperating relationships with clients and development seekers, analysing, and improving characteristics and dimensions of our customer’s schemes and systems, capacity building for customers companies or organizations, and leading them to become effective and reliable parties in their sectors. Our experience is built on years of contributing and providing services to our customers by following international standards and policies of projects development, assistance, and consultancy. CareerNet specialists and consultants will help provide project management and consultation services at anytime, anywhere. We are your right hand in your project analysing!


CareerNet management consulting service will guide you to better ways of managing your business. Our management consultants cooperate with customers to improve their companies’ performance and grow their business by dealing with any potential problems and finding the right solution for them, at CareerNet, consultancy service includes all areas of business, from administration and marketing to information technologies and financial departments, focusing on most critical issues and opportunities. Consultancies may also contain applying changes in the targeted organizations to guarantee an effective process and satisfying results.


Because we appreciate the role of education in our lives, CareerNet is devoted to cooperate with any educational organization looking to improve education around the world. We provide our consultancy services to educational ministries, training regulations entities, universities, schools, departments of education and institutions, the variety of services we provide which are related to education sectors allows our customers to check the quality of their practices and improve their capacities in order to get better results. Education consultants working with us will deliver best methods, frameworks, models, and strategic plans to support our customers navigate their challenges, they will help them structure their thoughts, and along the way make them achieve the goals they wish to pursue.


Education research is a scientific field of study through which we inspect education and learning processes, human attributes, and improvement methods. Companies, organizations, and institutions included in educational sectors are all targeted by our researchers. Our researchers in this field aim to characterize, interpret, and clarify how educational processes take place throughout people’s lives and how formal or informal contents of education can alter methods of learning.


Scoping studies and its related processes are constantly becoming popular methods to reviewing research and their indicators. CareerNet helps to provide researchers who can begin a scoping study in order to audit the expansion, dimension, and description of research activities, it helps to determine the value of undertaking a full methodical view, and summarizing research results or defining gaps in the current literature. Our scoping studies are done by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field. Starting by analysing and defining the quantity and quality of the base information, followed by a framework that is to be designed, the quantity and quality of the data to be delivered by customers will be measured using designed framework, predictable level of effort needed to achieve the data cleansing task and any other information regarding the research will be included in the presented analysis report.


Curriculum development is described as a professional planned process which aims to improve the educational systems used in governments, institutions, enterprise companies or organizations. Curricula and programs are mainly affected by all the changes or developments happening in our daily life anywhere around the world. Due to that, we at CareerNet believe that there is an extreme need to update those systems continuously to address social needs. Such a process has an expansive scope, that it is not limited only to schools and scholars. It also includes more points which affect society and its development in general, and that is why we keep our eyes peeled on developing those curricula to help people achieve their ambitions and create a bright future for themselves, their families and their communities.