Training & Development

CareerNet training and development services were found and meant to become a well-known, high-quality services among any other providers. Our provided training program is widely diversified and covers all levels of experience, starting with beginners, and ending up with skilled, qualified individuals. We deliver our services to a huge number of trainees, and we offer many different levels in which they get placed in based on a training assessment. All assessments are conducted before training in order for participants to successfully get most of the benefit out of the training they receive. Training courses are conducted by highly experienced and qualified International trainers and consultants. Our training and development services include many phases which can be delivered as one package or separately based on customers’ needs. A brief explanation about training phases as follows.


Before conducting a training course, we offer some assessment tools that help us highlight possible improvement needs for expected participants or Institutions. This assessment empowers a more tailored access to training and development and allows more authentic use of interference. Assessment tools can also help indexing the attitude of individuals and their readiness to learn and improve their skills in the desired field. Some assessments can be also considered as an evaluation tool that measures the rate of improvement gained before and after the training.


After an assessment is completed, our specialists are ready to propose a full work plan to our customer, a work plan includes the results of the performed assessment and training courses needed as they see appropriate, CareerNet can also provide some additional options, such as training times, locations, materials to be used, and any other possible details. Once the proposed work plan is confirmed by the customer, the next phase takes place, Training Conduction.


We, at CareerNet, believe that definite development starts by conducting the appropriate training course according to earlier aspects or to customer appeals. Any training can be conducted at our facilities or at costumers desired location as an in-house training. Practical and interactive materials are used along with ordinary methods during training to confirm that learning objectives are fulfilled, and guarantee the deliverance of all trained subjects. At the end of the training, participants who accomplished all purposed objective will receive a verified training certificate to be presented as a proof when needed.


After a training is completed, CareerNet’s consultants estimate the quality of delivered training by evaluating the whole process and analyzing the results of improvement rate for all participants. Two stages of evaluation will take place, at the beginning of a training a baseline evaluation (also called Prior Knowledge Assessment), and an end-line evaluation (Post Knowledge Assessment) at the end of the training, some training courses may also require the application of a mid-line evaluation to get an accurate conclusion in this phase.


At this level, all preceding steps are summarized to be combined into a professional final report that is shared with our customer. A comprehensive training report usually includes all available information about intended training, starting with assessments and preparations that preceded the training and finalized by eventual results, challenges, and recommendations (if any). Final reports can be also represented and summarized as a case study.

At CareerNet, our main goal is to provide a pleasant and friendly environment to ensure that training experience is a five-star rate. Hence, any additional adds or further requests are debatable according to customer needs and ambitions.