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CareerNet is a member of BTI Group of companies. Delivering educational programmes and consulting services, online and on-campus for your adults and seasoned professionals seeking vocational and management advancement, accreditation and certification.

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Courses and Qualifications

Educational support in many forms, courses, qualifications, vocational training, training design and more…

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Projects and Consulting

Growing experience and building capacity of clients looking to achieve success in their projects

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Welcome to CareerNet Arabia

The skills our students acquire are going to be very valuable for all of us, regardless of the details of changing technologies, evolving work flows, new regulations, and structural upheavals.

Our graduates will bring into the workforce a thorough knowledge of real-world skills, knowledge and practice that will help ensure the accuracy and timeliness of records, meet the needs of employers and ensure progress in the generations to come.

As qualification and curriculum development consultancy, we recognize an obligation to support students.

We are also firmly convinced that credentialing is the way forward for new graduates (as well as for the whole workforce)

Respect and Professionalism

We act with personal responsibility, respect, and commitment to high quality work, to our clients, our partners and to each other.


We consistently approach even the most complex challenges with positivity, proactive solutions, and the assumption of best intentions.

Growth Mindset

We intentionally create opportunities to develop ourselves and others in order to learn and continuously improve.

Dynamic Leadership

We courageously take ownership, empower others, set bold visions, think strategically, and adapt to change.



CareerNet Will Present Something Unique Here 🙂

Our Courses


We are partners of professional companies and organizations, we worked together extensively on previous projects, in Saudi Arabia, and Gulf area.

All of our partners have world class expertise and capacity in their specialist areas.

Our Clients

As much as we are proud with CareerNet contribution in the Education & Consulting sector, it would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the trust invested in us by our clients. CareerNet has been privileged in working with an array of clients from both the private and public sector. We are thus glad to display below some of our key clients throughout our business sectors: